Escape (the Pina Colada song)

A good friend of mine has recently been on a cocktail-making journey, posting is incredible creations on instagram and to me via whatsapp. I’ve loved seeing the creations, starting with delicious-looking hurricanes and heading all over the cocktail map. His new hobby has consumed a decent chunk of his income over the past month or so, but that’s okay – everyone needs something to do to break the monotony of being cooped up at home. He’s been living at his dad’s place for the last few weeks, and I keep getting sent these incredible pictures of beautiful sunsets over the Torquay hills with luxe cocktails in the foreground.

His recent purchases include all the barware and various syrups to make everything from old fashioneds to mai tais. I’ve never had a mai tai, but they sound flipping delicious.

Not to be left behind, I’ve bought myself a couple of ingredients to make some of my own cocktails. I have the shaker, the muddler, the bar spoon, but not the expert level glassware, so I’ll sip my creations from my golden goblets that we were given as a wedding present. When the Tesco delivery came, I got lemonade, orange juice, gin and vermouth. I’ll be having a go at making a martini – though I may decide to turn it into a less potent number than a glass of gin that has been waved vaguely in the direction of Italy, as I’ve heard it described. I’ve got a book on cocktails that I’ve pulled out to have a page-through in preparation for the weekend… why can’t it be Friday tomorrow?

Of course, at some point, I’ll need to buy some pineapple juice, coconut milk and rum, and have my own little escape.

Lightning blog 47.

Writing song:

What a weird song, right? Like, ‘hahaha I nearly cheated on you, but it’s fine because you nearly cheated on me too! hahaha we have such a functional relationship!’

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