The Safety Dance

We can dance if we want to, we can leave your friends behind
Cause your friends don’t dance and if they don’t dance
Well they’re no friends of mine

I was definitely tickled when this came up on the playlist for this evening’s blog – not least because it’s a bonkers song with an even weirder music video. Because of its era, and an album of ‘best hits’, I almost expect the next track to be Men At Work’s “Down Under”.

At one point the singer says “Well it’s safety dance”, and it sounds a lot like “it’s safe to dance” – and well, it mostly is. I am excited to return to the studio, even if it is at a distance from our coaches, in an otherwise empty studio. At least it’s safe to dance with my partner – he’s not dangerous.

Thinking about the changes we’ve made to our processes for safety in the recent past… well, it doesn’t exactly feel like it’s safe. Since Manchester and its surrounds got renewed restrictions, I’ve been even more aware of keeping our distance. Much better to be safe than sorry, so rather than Men Without Hats, we’ll have Men (and Women) With Masks. The safety dance at the moment goes something like this: shoes on, grab the handbag. Will we be going to the shop? Grab a mask, stick it in the bag. Wait, let’s not walk, it’s raining. Okay, mask on face. On returning from the shop with bread and milk, ten minutes later, walk through the door, pop the food on the counter. Wash hands for twenty seconds, singing a song and scrubbing everywhere. Mask off. That’s the 2020 Safety Dance.

In other news: we’ve bought Alex a bike. I am so excited to go on a new adventure by bike this weekend. We can reasonably go for about 10 miles out. Hooray!

Lightning blog 49.

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