Poem: Geek Benediction

Today is our first wedding anniversary. In our first year of married life, Alex and I have navigated a few months of unemployment, visa anxiety, an international move, getting used to a new life overseas and a global pandemic… just to start us off.

A year ago, my speech at our wedding ended with the following, which I wrote the morning of our wedding, sitting in bed, waiting for the hairdresser to arrive.

A Geek Benediction

May our love be as steadfast as Samwise Gamgee,
And our home as hospitable as Bilbo’s.

May we be as loyal as Hufflepuffs, and as goal-oriented as Slytherins.

May we welcome new adventures as eagerly as Captain Malcolm Reynolds
on board the Serenity.

May we, as the Doctor does, champion
Romance and intellect over
Brute force and cynicism.

And, as all heroes everywhere,
May we stick up for those
Who are unable to stick up for themselves.

Us two.

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